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PT. Andalan Multi Kencana - United Tractors ( AllMakes)

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PT. Andalan Multi Kencana - United Tractors ( AllMakes)
PT. Andalan Multi Kencana - United Tractors ( AllMakes)
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PT. Andalan Multi Kencana - United Tractors ( AllMakes)


PT Andalan Multi Kencana - United Tractors ( AllMakes) , is one of the subsidiaries of PT United Tractors, focusing on parts commodity and parts development of heavy equipment.

The business was fundamentally based on customers' need of high quality parts and other heavy equipment components. The business offers solutions for customers' goal of achieving " lowest cost of parts " in maintaining their heavy equipment due to its competitive price.

Currently, AllMakes product range consists of approximately 17, 000 items and are further divided into 15 business groups, namely:

1. Hydraulic and Fluid Connector System.


3. Wear Parts.

4. Filtration.

5. Tire.

6. Lubricant and Grease.

7. Enviro Chemical and Additives.

8. Electrical System & Battery

9. Optional Equipment

10. Suspension, Axle and Brake System.

11. Engine Related Parts.

12. Industrial and Marine Engine.

13. International Standart Parts.

14. Attachment & Fabrication.

15. Remanufacturing Component.

Aside from having it' s own brands ( e.g. AllMakes, UTParts, and HEO) , AMK has also been the distributor of some International Brand such as Parker, Graco, QTec, Turbo Pre Cleaner, etc.

To fulfill customers' needs, AllMakes is not only providing parts for Komatsu heavy equipments, but also is providing parts used for other well-known international heavy equipment brands. Therefore, AllMakes is becoming the ultimate solutions of heavy equipments parts.

AllMakes has 6 distribution centers located in Pekanbaru, Jakarta, Surabaya, Banjarmasin, Balikpapan, and Samarinda as its distribution network strategy to reach out its customers.

AllMakes vision is to become a world class parts player in providing solutions for heavy equipment. In order to fulfill the goal, in early 2011, AllMakes has established a joint venture company in Singapore, AllMakes Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., in order to get a broadened market coverage in South East Asia Region.

In order to achieve a sustainable growth, the company strategy lies in three Key Success Factors, that focused on product engineering, material management, and distribution channel.

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